Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cold Feet

My first attempt at Meet Me at Mike's words and pictures weekly challenge! Here goes... 

We had just moved to Wollongong, and it was a hot, hot summer day. We were at the shops to stock the new flat with supplies when we noticed a pet store, of course we went in to gawk at the kittens, like always.

We had discussed getting a cat for so long now that I was starting to accept that it would never happen. The lines were always the same, I was hopelessly enthusiastic about it, whilst he just wasn’t sure. He wanted to, but it was a big step, and he had never had a cat before. My heart fluttered at the site of a cat or kitten, and somehow I have always felt more complete when I had one around.

This pet shop had so many kittens, and all beautiful, cuddly, playful little ones like every other shop or shelter that we visited. There was one however, he was a little bigger than the rest, and he was a he (we had been wanting a she), but he was perfect. The shop assistant got him out and let us hold him, and he purred happy purrs straight away. We were sold.

But this presented a new dilemma for me. I wanted the cat, he wanted the cat, but I was the main instigator, was I manipulating the situation? Would this all blow up in my face? Would he throw it back at me when it didn’t work out? What would my parents say… a cat in that little flat of yours?

I needed to go outside, and think about this. My heart was racing, I wanted that cat, I was finally allowed to do it, but was it just silly? I felt light in the head, we sat there on a bench discussing it for a few minutes, going around in circles, me saying ‘no, no, it’s silly’, him saying ‘well, it’s up to you, we’ve been saying for ages that we would do it, and I think we should… it’s your call’.

I got up and started to walk away, adhering to that ingrained catholic logic, that denying yourself is generally the best policy.

Then I started to think, ‘this isn’t a rushed decision at all, it’s a long and thought out one, and the time is right, and its okay, you’re a big girl now. If it doesn’t work, so what, you’ll figure something out. It will be okay.’

‘I want the cat!’ I said. ‘Me too!’, he said.

And it worked. No cold feet, just warm hearts.



Maureen said...

Meow....a lovely little story about knowing your heart's desire.

Pip said...

Oh thank GOODNESS you got that little kitty! I think jumping in is always WAY better then thinking carefully! But that's just me... ! Thanks for joining in!