Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Ms. Olympia Orange!

close up

orange and poppy seed

And so I am up to orange. I have indigo and violet to go! I must admit, that I am losing my 'beans' a little with this project, kind of feel like I'm pushing myself through it, but when I see the dolls finished, and all together, it does warm my heart. Starting to daydream about making colour coded bugs, and also had an idea about a softie ninja... that could be fun, I'm always thinking that craft is so girly, and there must be some really cool stuff to make for little boys!

And so, I think making little Olympia, and surrounding myself with orange for a little while, resulted in me baking another batch of orange and poppy seed biscuits... my faves. I'm thinking that pear could work too. Yum yum.

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