Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well, my Gran didn't show up, but house is relatively clean... much cleaner than when I got up this morning. I make a habit of doing nothing remotely domestic on Friday nights, and Saturday mornings are pretty horrid around here. If Gran does decide to pop over, I'm usually in my PJs on the net, sewing or cleaning, and I usually spend the whole time worried about the crass slogan on my t-shirt, my lack of bra, the overwhelming mess, and how I've failed her. She grew up on a farm and is a neat freak, super-organised and never wasteful.

And the business plan will have to wait until tomorrow. In reality, I'm sure its something I can knock up in a couple of hours, but I want it to be a useful thing, so I'm going to sit down with it and the pages and pages of notes and ideas I've come up with, and make it something special. So the business plan means that I'm going to sell my wares. Kind of scary, have been on the phone with insurance brokers, and looking up fabric wholesalers, toy safety regulations and the whole shebang.

Autumn is really here. It was cold today, no sun, no photos, and I had to wear my coat when I went out! Day-light-saving ends in the morning, however on a positive note, my potato plants are kicking butt... they are growing really quickly, and I have a feeling they're going to be big enough to survive the winter, I just need an even bigger pot to transplant them into, so they can give me all the fresh potatoes my heart desires!

Hopefully, I'll have my new dollies up tomorrow!

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