Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I need to do:

1. Get fabric labels made up: design graphics
2. Buy webspace & domain name: design website
3. Get stamp made up: design stamp graphics
4. Get postcards made up: thank god I have them designed already
5. Finish panda pattern
6. Figure out which stuffing is best: cotton, wool or poly?
7. Stock Etsy shop: the actual shop is set up, but empty...
8. Make enough stock for markets: at this stage it looks like it will be Glebe- Paddington is way tooooo full on
9. Have a cup of tea

I got my L's
I did get my Ls though... finally!



Kirsty said...

Congratulations on getting your "Ls".

pepper said...

wohooo big list there! congrats on your l's. The trick is to actually drive and not accidentally still have L's 8 years later. like me. oops.
(ps love your new header!)
x Pepper