Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Gosh, I am running late with almost everything this week... this is my post for last week's Words and Pictures, the topic being: Fragrant. I think fragrant is the most wonderful word to write about, and to think about. I wish that I could have captured the smells that drift out of my neighbour's kitchens, and fill the corridor of the building, that come into my loungeroom right when I'm feeling peckish on a Friday afternoon, or on a Sunday evening! We have so many different cultures in our building, and when people get cooking, it can get pretty mouth-watering around here. I have a weakness for Thai and Indian spices, and I just happen to have some very skilled cooks from those very places living alongside me... *drooling thinking of it, just like Homer would!*

But alas, whilst my kitchen does fill with the smell of yummy spices quite regularly, lately, it's coffee that I seem to smell as I walk in the door. Since I've been doing this whole work from home thingo, I have been drinking an awful lot of coffee (also thanks to our new coffee machine!), and eating an ever increasing of homemade biscuits... jeans are no longer so loose by the way... here are some mandarin biscuits... they are delicious, but acquiring mandarin zest and juice takes commitment and dedication, and a reasonable amount of mess!


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