Friday, May 15, 2009


Oh gee... it's Friday already, and here I am in my nanna cardi, all rugged up because it's been so freaking cold and windy here today! My coffee machine was giving me grief and the look on my face was due to one of those caffeine-withdrawal headaches that 3 cups of tea could not make up for... I had to wait until 3 o'clock when Joe got home and pointed out that I hadn't pushed the water thingo all the way down... oppps. So I finished up the sewing on the latest batch of bugs, and started stuffing them with some of the 5kg of cotton that arrived at my house today (the postie gave me a pretty funny look!), all with that headache, not to mention haggling with insurance companies, and copious amounts of housework!

I'm currently flicking through the Meet me at Mike's book, longing to make anything that is not a toy... I have my eye on the clutch purse made from a vintage tea-towel!

Have a good one!

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