Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Self Portrait

Okay... well here is the first of my self portraits for the week, I'm doing one a day for the whole week, thanks to Julie and Jeanamarie... I signed up for it unaware that these girls are doing 'delicate self-portraits'... so, mine is NOT delicate, but I'll attempt some delicacy tomorrow... if I at all have it in me! I guess we'll see!


jeanamarie said...

hello :) it looks as though you are about to embark on something crafty there ... i wonder what it is you are making? i like your jacket!


Rebecca said...

Thanks! I was actually about to pop out and buy some craft supplies... I am surrounded by bug making bits and pieces... as per usual!

Trying to think up some way of being delicate in today's self portrait!!! Fingers crossed...