Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tucked up in Bed...

My Words and Pictures for this week... I'm an eager beaver aren't I???

tucked up in bed...
Ok, so it doesn't snow in Wollongong, and a lot of people would say it doesn't even get cold... but I really, really feel the cold... and it's generally whilst in situations such as these, that I appreciate the simplicity of being tucked up warm in bed, in clean-sunshiny-smelling flannelette sheets, and a big squishy warm doona!

More Words and Pictures via Meet me at Mikes!

Goodnight! I have to go put my clean-sunshiny-smelling flannelette sheets back on my bed now!

B, x.


gret said...

Hi there Rebecca, I love your work, so cute! I have a quick question..was wondering of you recommend any good markets or crafty places in Wollongong area? I will be on hols there at the end of june and would like to add some to my holiday to-do list! Thanks!

susan said...

i live in middle america and so i can appreciate not liking the cold, or should i say liking the warm. there are many mornings i just dont want to leave the warmth of my bed :o)
such a sweet illustration