Monday, June 29, 2009

The Markets!

Ok, well, I've been meaning to post about how the markets went since I got home, but I have been seriously exhausted! I got up at 5:30am on Sunday to be at Bondi at 8:30, and didn't get home until about 7:30pm. Joe came with me, we drank so much coffee, we ate the only food available there, which was all bbq-ed meat on buns, and got pretty darn sun burnt! We also arrived while it was raining, then sprinkling, then raining, and sat nervously looking at all the toys, wondering what would happen if it didn't clear up... but, it did clear up, hence the sun burn!

So, it wasn't the most lucrative adventure I've ever been on, but it was certainly a learning experience... according to the other stall holders, it was a pretty terrible day in terms of the number of people, and we were also way up the back, out of the way, overshadowed by 2 enormous tents on either side, and not in a very good line of traffic! People loved what I had, and as always, asked about stocking them in their shops... something which I'm not quite ready for yet, I can't possibly sell them any cheaper when I take into account the time and cost of materials, but I'm sure I'll get faster as I go along and figure out a better way of setting the whole system up.

I have Glebe coming up this Saturday, and I'm feeling about a hundred times more prepared than I was this time last week! For starters, I've actually been to Glebe markets, I had never been to Bondi markets... when I lived in Sydney, I was an inner-west girl, the Eastern suburbs were always a strange far off place only accessible by a series of buses, and they never had the allure of Newtown or Glebe. And I know what to do in terms of setting up the table and stuff... so much more prepared!

Next week, when I've recovered a little, I'm going to make some posts about what/how to go about this whole market caper... I had soooooooooo many questions that could only be answered by doing it, and lots of people have been asking me stuff along the same lines, so I'm going to put all my notes together, and hopefully be of use to some people out there!

Well, stuff to sew, coffee to drink, and unfortunately some books to keep (last day of financial year... eeek!).

Oh, and a massive thank you to Joe, Jacqui and Eleni, who came and sat and walked and encouraged, and generally made the day more enjoyable! You guys are the raddest! And Sian will be coming and spending the day with me at Glebe, so this is proving to be a good social/catching up move for me!

Happy Tuesday!

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