Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Ok, so I am running late with EVERYTHING this week, seriously. I even have a book at the library waiting for me to pick it up... that never happens, I'm usually there 5 minutes after receiving my email that it's arrived... (sad, but true!). This is my Words and Pictures for the week, or maybe I should say last week...

I don't really collect proper souvenirs, but when I was cleaning up my room last week (there's a first time for everything), I was looking in my jewelry boxes, I was fixing them up and putting things back in place when I noticed the way that organise my bits and pieces. It's always been a subconscious thing that I do, I have three boxes, one for important stuff, meaning things that have been given to me or which have sentimental value, another box which is full of things with no sentimental value at all, which I generally acquired whilst working at the op shop, and another which is just random stuff that I bought for myself, which kind of fits in the middle somewhere, it's not important, but I do attach meaning to it.

Looking through the important box evokes every kind of emotion imaginable, from sheer happiness, thinking about my Mum and how she gave me a crown charm and told me I was her princess one day when I was about 6 years old, to the bangles Mike gave me successively over the years of our relationship... how I love them, how I love him, and how I clung tight to the first one he gave me while I was at his funeral. There's a bunch of cheap and tacky stuff in there too, like the beaded ring I made with a girl in my street when we were about 12, the senior badge for Narromine High School, and the funny rings that Joe gave me when he was working in a toy shop a few years ago. All these things are kind of souvenirs to me. They all have so much meaning and importance (hence their placement in the importance box!), and they all mark different times or events in my life. I love them!

More Words and Pictures over at Meet me at Mikes, although, they're probably up to a new topic by now!

B, x!

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