Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stuff... and giveaway update!

Well, I have been really busy and a little sick, so I've been a little absent from my blog for a few days... so this is what has been happening around here...

cats and a bunny
NEW TOYS! Shock horror, I know!

cats and a bunny
Meet Petal, Sam & Ainsley!

Gordon, ready for his trip to California, to live with Casey.

Gordon ready to go to California
Gordon's likes and dislikes... he says 'no' to lion taming!

Queenie, ready to go to live with Toni!

new stuff
A new design... I found myself photoshopping my carpet clean in this photo... virtual vacuuming!

Drinking copious amounts of coffee... invented a ham, cheese and mustard scroll... yum yum!

lotta jansdotter's book
Got this awesome book from the library... I think I need to buy it. I LOVE IT!

rainy day blues...
Looking out the window at all the rain...

out my window
So much rain!

Now, I said I was going to do a giveaway for people following the blog, so the giveaway is Sam, the spotty bunny up there... so it'll work this way...

The first follower to make a comment on this post wins him!
And a little bunny will be going out to Messy Mama because I was so amazed with all the entries I received!

Oh, and I made up a Blinking Flights Facebook page, separate from the Giveaway Group page, because it's easier to contact people this way, I'm going to post any sales, giveaways etc. through that page! Sorry, to be a little confusing, I'll still keep the Group however. Hope this makes sense to people!

Ok, well Goodnight, and I'll be sending out that bunny tomorrow if I get a comment tonight!
B, x.


Leonie Guld said...


Gina said...

Love your pictures and the new babies! Im getting addicted to softie making myself. (Wont stop my from buying other peoples though). So whats unique about the Lotta J book? I love her designs but havent looked at the book...

Sharon said...

Darn! Im too late! Oh well...your pictures made me smile! :) (Except for the rain! Ugh!)

Jessica said...

Drat - missed out on this giveaway! Oh well, congrats Ammie!

Ammie said...

Beautiful! I love your new toys, and Ill say no to lion taming, too.

thetwowindmills said...

They are gorgeous Bec! I love the fabrics you use.

babalisme said...

I love the little details you put on Gordon!! Makes me feel like hes a real cat!! :D COngrats to Ammie!

Casey said...

Love that Lotta book, too. Did you get my email? I got a message today saying there was a problem with delivery.:)Casey

babalisme said...

Hello, youve got an award at my blog, I wish you will happily accept it :) as I adore your blog so much!