Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flickr Faves

I decided to use a colour theme this week, something warm and happy because it's so cold and grey here right now!
orange faves

1. Orange is In..., 2. Orange Pollution, 3. Orange (365/340), 4. Camera camera case "Degicame" (orange/dark brown), 5. Orange mood, 6. Cats in the Window Pumpkin, 7. Zingy Orange Poppies, C365/265, 8. Sitting on the dock of bay......., 9. orange

More at Art Mind! Such fun to play along.
Goodnight all, B.


Le Coccole said...

Very very nice! I love this orange! PS: your fabric dolls are so cute!

ArtMind said...

Orange just gives such an energy boost, doesnt it? While days are too hot here, I long for fall but thats because its my very favorite season.And orange makes me think rather of fall than summer! :)