Saturday, July 25, 2009

Market Update

Hello all,

Just a little update to let Sydney-market-loving-types know that I'll be doing Glebe Markets every Saturday in August. Opening hours are 9-4, they are held in the primary school on Glebe Point Road, they have lots of different and awesome things, so come along if you want!

Ok, well I'm going to be super busy preparing, after having been sick for almost a whole week, preparation and production seems to have ground to a holt... so I have some catching up to do!



ArtMind said...

Goodluck on the fair! Hope it will be a blast - every saturday! :)Will you post pics, please? :)

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

I used to do the Heritage Craft fair in St Ives :DI have been told that the Glebe Markets is really good, wished i was still living in SYD!Hope you had a great day, thanks for the Etsy faves!

Caroline said...

Good luck with the preparations - youre going to be busy for sure! Love to hear about how you go at the markets, so yes, pics and comments please. :)