Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Creative Space

Well, things are really busy around here after having a whole 36hrs off the job this week! And my creative space is mostly related to market preparation...

I have bought a market tent/gazebo thingo, I have 2 tables, I'm making up signage, and finishing up some new little fleecy guys and gals. I'm also printing as much as I can, and trying really hard to be really organised...

making memo holders
I've made up a whole batch of memo holders to hold my price tags, thanks to Mitsy and her tutorial (and ingenuity!) :) I'll post photos of the actual finished product soon.
new batch of fleecies
A little blonde... and a Frenchie too! Awesome fabric again from Mayumi.

new batch of fleecies

ultramarine doll
And I'm loving this colour! It's the one I'm using for my market banner, so stay tuned!

More Creative Spaces at and through Kootoyoo as always!

And just a little note about my PIF a day:
I announced a couple of days ago that I will be selling 1 item a day in my Etsy Shop for 50c plus the price of postage. I had written a little note about etiquette with that post, but I'm going to have to go one step further and say that:

If a person purchases more than 2 items this way, I will be canceling their transaction because I want to share it around a bit, and let everyone have a turn... that's part of the fun.

In light of this, it might be wise not to simply buy something because it is cheap, there will be a variety items go up for sale... and there are still 33 days left to go... you don't want to waste your chance on something that doesn't really float your boat now do you!?


Kirsty said...

Yes...wasnt Mitsys tute great. Your little price tags look fabulous.

woollywotnots said...

wow so much in your creative space. such fun!

gretchenmist said...

gorgeous softies ~ mitsy writes a great tutorial :)

Umatji said...

Great post, great people, great fabric - great link to finding fabric. Great great great! Glad I stopped by! I have been on the hunt for Japanese fabric and so there you go!

Lucy Bowler said...

Your market stall is going to be just beautiful! Very inspiring. I would love to know how you get on with your marquee. I havent invested in one yet and know its inevitable, would love to get a good recommendation.

ArtMind said...

Ohh, I need to link this post in my tutorial! As I always have an abundance of clay laying around, I always forget other people may not have and these cups are just the greatest idea! :)PLUS, they will look far better then the ones I made as all the bottoms are different! :)Cant wait to see the banner! :)