Monday, August 10, 2009

Cause I like... birds!

Now that Kimberly has Olive at her house, I can share my new toy design with everyone! I didn't want to spoil the suprise because suprises are one my favourite things (seriously!). And so, after much mucking around with fabric, felt and pattern paper, little Dot (below) emerged, and I felt ready to make a bird to give to someone else, and Olive was born!

Olive was the giveaway gift for the Bug Swap-- more on that once all the bugs are in, I got mine on Friday and he is super cute spaceman bug, who likes David Bowie, but dislikes helmet hair! I'm going to make up a big collage of all the cuties, but you can have a sneak peek by looking at the Flickr Group for the swap: here!

I also made up a general Blinking Flights Bug Flickr Group for those of you who've downloaded my PDF pattern and made up your own little critter... I sure would love to see what you all do with them! You can find that one here!

So hopefully some little birds will appear at the markets on the weekend! Fingers crossed!


inkie-mumma said...

Ovile is super cute, I love her beak! Dots candy stripe looks awesome! Two big thumbs up! Next week I am making two new bugs for September baby showers :) cant wait. Whats even more happy is when I showed Olive to my Husband I sang that song! Love them

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your new design! The bird idea is fabulous! Love it!

Yana said...

Ohh, the birdie is soo cute!!! Love it!! You are so creative :D