Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flickr Faves: Revolution!?

I was watching Foreign Correspondent last night while I was making up my mosaic, and it was pretty scary, it was about Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. When I was a little bit younger I was so eager to diss capitalism and globalisation in general, but now that I'm getting a wee bit older and wiser (hopefully), it's more the corruptibility of governments, and power itself, that scares me. Things are getting better, bit by bit, year by year, decade by decade. Right now I'm sitting here watching a movie of Mansfield Park with the slave trade and abolition running as background themes, whilst the very predicament of Fanny Price is intricately bound up in class and gender struggles, that have in part been fought and won... Things are better than they used to be, and I think the idea of revolution is fantastic, but most of the time, compassion and gentle and constant agitation will be what actually changes things for people. Sometimes the violent energy of revolution just rearranges inequality.

flickr faves: revolution
1. VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION, 2. The Revolution will be Televized., 3. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, 4. dreams are revolutions.

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ArtMind said...

Im a little rebel myself so this is right up my alley! ;) And I have the sudden need to watch Mansfield park now again...I especially love the picture in the right corner and how the wall cracks at the word revolution...