Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a difference!

Friday afternoons at my house...

This is what Friday afternoons look like at my house!

Thank goodness! I had a really wonderful day at the markets yesterday, a similar amount of sales to what I'd been having pre-last week, but it was a great day for so many more reasons than that. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera because when I left (at 6am!) it was rainy, drizzly and looking rather worrisome! When I got there it was also looking like it was going to be a terrible day-- I was thankful for my tent and tarpaulin. And so I began the day with no expectations!

It turned out the bad weather freed up a bunch of spaces that are usually taken by permanent stall-holders, and I was amazed to grab a corner spot right near all the action. The sun came out eventually and it turned into a glorious day with lots of people trickling over from a fair at Sydney Uni.

What was really lovely however was scoring such nice stall neighbours who I could chat with during the quiet times, and we could encourage and be happy for each other when we each made sales! And who gave me a seriously gorgeous bangle/cuff as a gift at the end of the day just because I liked (ok, loved...) it! And now it has so much meaning because it was given! We also had lovely massage people opposite who were just as positive and happy, and all in all, the good vibes meant I didn't need a 4th coffee or a sugar hit from the yummy sour licorice man, or any of those things I usually try! It's really awful when other stall holders are starring when you make a sale, some people almost giving filfthies and you can feel the tension and desperation in the air--I've had this a few times in a few different spots, and it really stretches a long day into an even longer one. Yuk, yuk, yuk, but none of it yesterday!

And whilst the 'permanents' have some lovely things to sell too, it was great to see so many new and different things at Glebe yesterday, and to notice some people who have awesome things front and centre rather than hidden in the middle of isle mazes!

All in all, great day!



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