Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bug Swapping Madness!

Ok, well some of you will remember that a little while ago I arranged a bug swap... it was a great experience and included some lovely bug makers from Australia, North & South America, and Europe, and it was extremely rewarding to watch the flickr group as the new little bugs arrived at their new homes! I was really quite chuffed to see all the care and detail that went into every one of these creations and feel quite honoured that anyone would want to make a toy that I designed, and that my pattern, my very first, must have made sense... although I believe there was some difficulty making the antennas... they are fiddly little things!

And here they are, in all their buggy glory!!

bug swap mosaic

I'm smiling just looking at them all! I suggest you pop over to the flickr group and have a look at all the photos, and the photostreams of some very talented crafters!

The funnest part for me was of course when my bug arrived... we had
someone drop out, so I took her spot, and although I know Emily felt a
little pressured making a bug for me, I must say that I love him! I
opened up the package and was stoked to see him, but the
best part was reading his name and likes and dislikes, it really made
him very special to me... which is funny, because I just do the names and likes and dislikes,
and of course I enjoy writing them, they make me laugh sometimes, but
to have one made for me, well, it was special! And I've stopped looking
at customers at the markets like
"gee... does it matter if your daughter doesn't like asparagus"... I guess I get it now.

BTW, my little guy is Zaque- 2nd from the left on the bottom row, he is a space bug--
Age: 4.3 light years
Likes: laser guns, David Bowie (my Dad would be very happy!) and space ice cream.
Dislikes: helmet hair, bug spray and dogs that mistake him for a bone.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Amy, Lavinia, Jodie, Caroline, Holly, Leah, Erin, Sarah, Isa, Christy, Emily, Kim, '9crafty11', Natalie, Yana, Kellie and 'The Fruid'!!!!!!!!!



kim said...

It was a pleasure :D love those little guys

Deanna said...

the bugs all look great!