Friday, September 11, 2009

Illustrating with fabric...

Lovely Kim from Kilsook
paid me a rather spectacular compliment a little while ago when she told me that my toys are like illustrations made from fabric, aside from making me feel rather special, it also got me thinking that toy making and illustration are pretty similar in a lot of ways... you take an idea, an animal or a person or whatever, and you make a representation of it using your medium... you just draw out the features you want to exemplify and gloss over the ones you don't so that you have a recognisable representation of that idea... I love the way that retro Golden Books do this all the time... just look at these fantastic examples!! They're from Sugar Lemon's flickr collection... she has some great ones there. I also found this fabulous blog dedicated to Golden Books and retro children's illustrations... sooooooooooo good!

Little Golden Book Illustrations

Little Golden Book Illustrations



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