Friday, September 25, 2009

Miss Tallulah-- the black sheep of the family!


It doesn't happen all that often around here anymore, I mean I love my toys and I pull the uglies apart and reuse the fabric, but still-- I love this one! I don't want to sell her to anyone, because she is perfect for me-- just the right size for cuddling, all cozy and made of fleece and a really soft thick winter cotton on her dress, and one of my fave prints in a long time to boot! I realised that in the photo from this morning, I failed to show off the little lamby tails that I've given to all these critters... I hope you can see it in the photo below:


And I'm quite happy with my new batch of blinkies... although I know this spotty-dotty fabric is getting a little 'common', I was having trouble mixing it with other fabrics, so let it do all the talking on it's own... and a brave mum with a tough washing machine might like to snap up the fleecy white blinky underneath...

spotty dotty blinky


I'm a little sad to have used up the last of the green spotty fabric in the fleecy one's ear though. I had been holding onto it for a couple of years... precious!

Ok, well thanks for all the lovely comments today-- my creative space is such fun! :)

Nighty-night, I'm still sewing!



Christy said...

Your little lamby is adorable. Happy sewing!

Caroline said...

yes, you are right, this one is definitely a keeper, who could part with that I don't know! nice work, as always.

M* said...

When I saw the name of your black sheep, I got quite excited because my daughter's name is Tallulah. It's gorgeous and I understand completely why you want to keep her. She is divine