Monday, September 7, 2009

Some things that Dad was right about...


In honour of Father's Day, which I actually forgot about this year, I'm dedicating this post to my Dad... so this is a random collection of the ways in which he was right!

1. He always said that he'd never been a dad before, and I'd never been a kid, so we were going to make some mistakes along the way, but that we had to keep trying... true!

2. He said that when I was a young adult I was going to think that he was a bit silly, and that he hoped this would happen, because it would mean that I was thinking for myself. This was only true for a short period of time, I promise.

3. That teenagers are horrible.

4. That it doesn't matter what you apply for at uni, the most important part is getting in... you can transfer to whatever you want from there. I really thought he was making that up at the time, but it's oh so true!

5. If you have cool parents, you want normal daggy parents. If you have normal daggy parents, you want cool parents.

6. That farm raised prawns are better to buy than ones from the ocean because you can count on their consistency... Joe swears by this rule... I don't eat prawns!

7. That globalisation has been going on for centuries just look at the British Empire.

8. That Malcolm Turnbull has his heart set on being PM... Dad said this years ago and I've always remembered.

9. That my Mum is a really awesome person. This should have been more obvious to me since we are apparently so much alike.

Thanks Dad!


PS. Picture credit- Cecy Meade-- love her stuff!

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cherrie said...

What an awesome Dad! Your a lucky daughter. Cherrie