Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flickr Faves: crafty goodness

crafty goodness!

1. sneak 60, 2. Vintage Stash: Ferns + Butterflies, 3. Kinder Doll Restock!, 4. xstitch is hard: an informal poll, 5. And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet, 6. Playing again with Mondrian, 7. hello hello hello, 8. Koala Sleeping, 9. Mots d'Ipomée...

I know! It's late... and I've been missing from my blog for the last little while, but I can assure you that there is a very good reason, and that's that I've been sewing and printing like a mad woman. I've also been taking some time to actually live my life and spend time with my fave people and cat... I was recently informed that I had been missing from my actual life a little too often since starting this toy-selling-caper... and it's true, I get up in the morning and I start sewing, and sometimes I'm still at it at 11pm... even when I'm doing nothing, I'm usually doing something, like hand-sewing faces, making tags, looking for new fabrics, staring into space, thinking up new ideas. Anyhow, I have to try and obsess a little less, and stop being such a darn perfectionist about things that probably won't matter-- lying awake at night doesn't solve problems, it generally creates them!

Anyhow, enjoy my crafty faves, they are inspiring me. I'm very much into the idea of a koala softie at the moment, but still stuck on making my afro girl pattern work-- and I'm in the middle of a sheep dog, which I'm loving-- fingers crossed... these things take time!

And I got my stall number for Mathilda's in Sydney-- I'm right near the door, so hopefully you'll spot me right away-- more on that soon! I'll be doing a giveaway in relation to that market.

Don't foget to head over to Mitsy's blog as always and check out the other flickr faves for this week-- and you can join in if you like. You just need to make a mosaic using Big Huge Labs from your flickr favourites, and then pop your name on the Mr. Linky thingo. Easy!

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Speaking of favourite people-- Happy Birthday Eleni! You rule! xxx.


Jess - A Life So Peachy said...

Great mosaic... I totally understand the 'i live in my own little craft world' and i have to say, a week away from ALL of it did me/us a world of good!

Mitsy/ArtMind said...

I can relate to how you feel! It's the same story here: the crafting business is full on, right?
I'm superpleased to taking a break for a few days now - and I hope to come back refreshed and energetic! :)