Friday, October 30, 2009

Have you been told lately?

I have indeed. I was looking at the stats for my blog this morning when I noticed a funny googly-search address, so I clicked on it... and so should you... it's here.

Did you see the search? 'an ugly sketched doll'... Meh!

To be honest, it actually made me laugh a little-- how funny! And I know that all the words 'ugly', 'sketched' and 'doll' are written in that post, so I guess that's how google images works, but not the most flattering thing to wake up this morning!

I'll announce the giveaway winners around 5ish this afternoon, so get your comments down if you want to be in it, and thanks to everyone who entered and spread the word-- I really do appreciate it. Happy Friday, I have tags ready, and toys mostly ready, so today is all about attaching names, ironing tablecloths and double checking 'to do' lists.


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