Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do you know Paper n Stitch??

You may have noticed that up there in the right hand corner of the blog, I have a little icon for papernstitch now... but what is it I hear you say!? It is really cool, and I'm really enjoying finding delightful, pretty, clever things through it!

Arty and crafty types submit their existing shops (usually etsy, but others are ok too), and they are featured on papernstitch... but what makes it soooo good is that Brittni (the organiser lady), goes through all the applications and only selects really nice things, it is a filtered process! And whilst what is 'nice' may be a problematic issue for some, I'm sure if you do a search on papernstitch and then the same search on etsy, you will understand! Less crap! Less crowding! More joy!

Papernstitch also have a blog, a flickr and a twitter and I'm really pushing it because I'm really liking all the sellers I've been finding this way, here's a sneak peek:


From Chicadecanela.

And from Inklore

Ok, well-- go look and enjoy! I've also added some bits and pieces to my shop, and please note that any price increases are in relation to the value of the Aus dollar against the US, not greediness! Happy Sunday, I'll be stopping by here at some stage! :)


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