Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot and Not so much...


1. The weather apparently... expecting 41 in Sydney on Saturday... yikes! The lemonade stall at Glebe is going to be very busy! This summery weather is also fabulous for a little black cat called Henry, he snoozes all day and stays on the balcony all night catching bugs and roaches... he stays on patrol in the doorways watching flies carefully before pouncing... he sits under the lights and lamps stalking the little buzzers... he's a happy cat at this time of year.

2. Sewing-- we have a term around here 'sewing like a demon'... that means I'm flat out busy, sewing from early morning till late night, it means we cook a big meal one night and eat left overs for the next 2 days so that we don't have to cook, and it means the lounge room turns into an embarrassment, Pride and Prejudice runs in the background, whilst Joe and I mouth the words to hilarious one liners such as Lady Catherine's assertions about being the greatest musical connoisseur in the land...

Lady catherine 2 

A rhythm somehow emerges, and I get lots done, and that's where I'm at at the moment... which feels great.

3. Quilts... which seems so inappropriate considering the weather. But in the back of my mind I'm planning a 'flying geese' quilt... I have so many little scraps right now. I've been looking at Hillary from Wee Wonderfuls doll quilts again, and they are mighty inspiring.

doll quilt wall

4. A NEW TOY-- which has been in the planning for months and months, I finally pulled it all together during the week, and he/she is not much like my others at all, he/she is freaking cute, and is my take on a teddy bear. I've also made some big dew drop dolls for bigger girls, hopefully photos will emerge during the day... so stay tuned!


1. The weather, good for Henry maybe, but I HATE IT! Yuck, yuck, yuck, although it's been rather pleasant the past few days, we are expecting severe yuckiness for the next 3-4 days...

2. Picking a name for my new toy... I think I have settled on 'Meekoos'. The close runner runner up was Yookies, and I liked Mookies, until I googled them... see what the urban dictionary has to say about that word here. Joe suggested the 'blinking flights enforcement doll'... I said I'd think about it!

3.The fact that we have been going through coffee like crazy, and whilst we buy almost all our groceries from the fabulous continental fruit and grocery shop down the road, the coffee we dig can only be purchased from the supermarket down here, and I so I've been there 2 times this week-- such a depressing place, of lines and tension, grumpiness, pushiness, mindlessness and self-serve checkouts must be used or groceries WILL be mistreated... On the up side, we can buy it from the Republica shop in Broadway, just opposite Glebe... but that means I have to think about something which isn't immediately in front of me on a Saturday...


4. That terrible milk ad where the old lady goes through all the types of milk and then calls the customer fat. I hate it, I hate her, I hate her attitude, it makes me yell at the TV... ok, thanks for letting me vent!

More hotting and notting at Loobylu, hopefully I'll be back later in the day with my creative space-- we'll see if the sewing demon lets me escape for a little while! :)



Virginia said...

Meekoos is a super cute name.
And I had something else to comment on, but then I got to the part where you wrote coffee and got totally distracted by the thought of coffee and now I must go have some.

Gret said...

Ah. My beloved Pride and Prejudice. I knew the scene instantly. Hilarious that she thinks she would have been a "true proficient". I love that film. Good luck with the weather on the weekend!

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Whew! Sounds like a busy time, but in a good way. Can't wait to see the new toy!

Aphie said...

P&P is my favourite sewing flick, too. Though lately I've been alternating with Lost in Austen (have you seen it? REALLY, really awesome Mary Sue miniseries that's been super well-cast, IMO).
And oohhh, my partner and I have been cursing out that wretched ad for the longest time! It's VILE! WHY would you buy from that nasty old busybody baggage? Want some judgement with your morning groceries? Nip out for a loaf of bread and get told your arse is too big... mmm, know that's how *I* like my customer service! ;p