Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Back!

Pretty things!

1. vintage thrifty sheets, 2. pin back badges, 3. Lovely Lady--Vintage Sheet Music--When I think I of You--, 4. disguise 2 

I'm home, and so is Henry, and so we are a happy little family-like unit again. Lots of sleeping, drinking tea, eating toasted sandwiches, snuggling, cuddling, meowing, talking, laughing, and mucking around with pretty new things. Unfortunatley there has also been what seems like an awful lot of washing up-- I got used to family members and their dishwashers.

As soon as I find my camera chord-- --that's right, still looking! =/-- I'll share some funny and cool stuff with you, for now, I'm sewing faces, looking at other people's nice stuff on the net, and freaking out that I'll be turning 29 in the VERY NEAR future... eek!



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