Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slowly, slowly

I've been taking things pretty easy production wise around here. I'm taking the motto 'slowly, slowly', and it's turning up good results, I'm liking what I'm making. I'm spending less time feeling resentful whilst sewing something I don't so much like-- not that it happened often, but it did happen. This new mindset is a good one to be in... and these are the things that have come into being this week:


I'm yet to sell a brown skinned doll, but I like them, so I'm sticking at it.


I started making these little scarf wearing gals just before Christmas-- an accident, I really messed up the hair and the headband, and in an attempt to salvage certain coloured felts, I stumbled across this do... they last about 4 seconds on the table before someone buys them!


And this special matroshka fabric which I bought from The Netherlands has been sitting around for months, I cut out a dew drop doll dress as soon as it arrived, but it wouldn't work with ANYTHING, that is until Riyo generously donated all this lovely teddy bear fabric to my stash, and voila!

But these three girls won't be at Glebe tomorrow, they have headed up to the Notebook offices to have a photoshoot, as they will be featured in the craft section of the April edition-- very exciting for me, and the blinky and dew drop girl pattern will be published here too!

These guys will be there tomorrow, despite the crazy heat that is predicted! Jeepers-- 39 and windy, I'm not sure if I'll stick after noon, but I'll be there in the morning for sure.


I've gone a little crazy with the message blinkies- 'say I'm only bee in your bonnet' is going to be a hard one to hand over to someone else.

some russian dolls!


She's half bug, half doll... something new for me. I will be so sad when that pink floral pillow case runs out...

Hope you all have a great weekend, and if you're in Sydney too, I hope the heat isn't too mean!



greenbeanbaby said...

your brown skinned dolls are adorable!!! i especially love the one with the red hair! your dolls are adorable and may someone buy your ethnic beauty soon :D

Nic @ yardage girl said...

I like the brown skinned dolls too. Stay cool! Nic

Gret said...

I love those little message dolls, and the little matroshka's. So cute!!

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

I think they're all so great, it's hard to pick a favorite. (I think the brown-skinned dolls are great, by the way. They'll take off one of these days, I'm sure.)

Virginia said...

I love the half bug/half girl one! So cute.
And congrats on getting into the Notebook!

Faith Hope & a whole lotta love said...

Oh the brown skinned dolls are just adorable! keep them in your range they will sell :)

Inkie said...

oh my I love your half bug half doll softie! she's so cute, plus it helps that she is red and pink too :D said...

Love all your work, so very talented. Love the scrap quilt. Have you posted any pictures of the whole quilt? I would love to see it. Thanks :^)

Rebecca said...

Hello there! Thanks for your comment on my blog-- I haven't quite finished the quilting process yet, it never happens as quickly for me as the patchworking part-- but I'll post as soon as I manage to get it done! :)