Saturday, February 20, 2010

The. Longest. Week. Ever.

This week has been long, and a little bit like like living in the early 1990s again... in a long and winding tale of incompetence on Telstra's part, despite the fact that I am not even a Telstra customer... my phone line was swapped with someone else's... someone who didn't have an internet connection... so it was like being in the 90s except with knowledge of how good the future could be... no googling silly, curious curiosities, no googling important things either, no checking the news throughout the day, no twittering, no facebook. And it seemed to be packed full of ironic moments, where the net was truly needed...

In other news, I almost have my Russian Doll softie pattern finished, and the meekoo is well on the way-- no distractions you see! I've also been mucking around with embroidery after reading some bits and pieces on Sublime Stitching before the whole net thing went down, I decided to jump right in, and I like what I came up with... it's just like drawing, and I like drawing!



Happy Weekend!

And yes I'll be back at Glebe this weekend, hopefully in my cozy spot, although with the construction work, who knows!



sandra said...

. was surprised that so many days pass without posting anything!! yes, unfortunately we have become dependent on the internet. that beautiful embroidery.saludos, sandra

Sarah said...

I had been missing your tweets and blog posts this week - welcome back!
The embroidery is just lovely too. Sometimes it's good to be 'unplugged' for a few days. It's incredible how much more you can accomplish.

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Isn't it funny how much you can accomplish with no Internet?
That is EXACTLY why I love embroidery. It's like taking something I like, drawing, and adding texture and dimension to it. Love your pieces!

Annette Piper said...

I remember - we've had problems on and off and knowing that the WWW is out there and you can't get on is so frustrating! But see what you achieved!!!