Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something nice.

Elise's brooch

I've been meaning to show this brooch off for a little while now, and I finally found it, my camera, and camera chord all at the same time today! I bought it at Glebe a while back from Elyse, who will be back on the first Saturday of March. I love it, and I loved almost everything she had that day, so I highly recommend you come and check it all out!

You'll also notice the chenille background-- that's right, my persistent op shopping adventures finally paid off last week. One white chenille bedspread, complete with tassels! :)




midge said...

love the brooch, perfect embroidery. and how lucky to find that bedspread

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Isn't that gorgeous! Lucky you!

Eugenia210 said...

Really nice!!
All the best from osario, Argentina.

Caroline said...

Thats the only way - persistent op shopping! Thats one lovely broach too.

Skebba said...

Such a sweet little embroidery. A grand find, I'd say.
I love your new header by the way, über cute. (Well, it may not be so new, but I've been MIA for a while.)

Gret said...