Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's new:

Some meekoos made from organic Japanese cotton and lovely prints.


I've also been performing a little pattern cross breeding:

You take a blinky pattern and a Russian Doll face (and some really funky blanket type fabric which you find metres and metres of at the op shop): 


and you get a fuzzy, happy little girl in a rabbit suit!

Then you take the same blinky pattern (front) and you use a meekoo face (back):


And you get a very sweet little thing that is neither smiling nor frowning, and therefore the perfect childhood secret keeping companion!

Happy Weekend!

And about Glebe: the sun shade still isn't up... so I will be in the same place as the last few weeks, down the front opposite Pookie and their funky peeling fruit candles! I will also have Riyo accompanying me-- so come and get your Japanese craft supplies, including hand-carved stamps, masking tapes, fabrics, and the like, as well as a fresh batch of blinkies!



tractorgirl said...

Ohhhhh!!!! I love opshops!!! (**hums brightly to herself**)

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Oh, I'm loving the crossbreeding! The bunny suit girl is so perfect, I'd like to cuddle her to sleep myself!

Flo said...

It's wonderful... I just want to take one and go to the bed like a child... Cut doudou !
(sorry for my english... I do what I can)

ladybastard said...

*_____* I'm in loveeee