Monday, March 22, 2010



After much photographing and resizing, description writing and the like, the earrings are up in both my Etsy Shop, and my Big Cartel Shop. I also made up some little cards with names, likes and dislikes, and I think they are rather sweet, from top to bottom, left to right, we have Leia, Shauna, Arianna, Miriam, Hisako, and Ramona. I think Arianna is my favourite-- gotta love rainbows! I had them at the markets on the weekend, and I think they thoroughly confused most people... lots of curious looks, questions and explanations! And "yes, they are from my drawings" was said over and over!



gretchen/juneatnoon said...

I really like the little cards. Great way to display/package the earrings!

Virginia said...

Cute! Makes me wish I wore earrings. :)

Jocelyn Chia said...

what's confusing? love the designs! and yes, rainbows are awesome! i've placed a link to your blog on mine. found you on homelife. i pinched their article about the dolls just in case they disappear by the time i get round to wanting to try making them. wasn't sure if the articles would get archived and still be available on their site. hope that's alright. i did reference.

Alice said...

Here's a suggestion you can use. Shrink plastic! You'll have to size them bigger tho! Lovely cuties!! =D