Friday, April 9, 2010



Yes. Handmade... Gosh I get a lot of people asking where I get these little fellas made... who I import from and such, so when I was sharing a stall with Riyo last week and noticed her little stamp, I thought that it might make a great addition to my supplies... I also hope it stops people advising me to get them made offshore in dirty little sweatshops... (I'm reading No Logo the moment, so outbursts like this could go on for some time).

This little girl is actually a display item, she's modeling the new 'Blinky Making Kits' that I've been going on about on twitter and facebook during the week, they are 85% of the size of the regular blinky pattern from Notebook & my shop, and there are 2 styles of face and ears in the kit, one a little bit girly, and one a little bit boyish, but both easily enough turned unisex if desired. The kits are time savers, they contain the fabrics, mostly vintage op finds, but some super cool Japanese prints, 80% wool felt, the embroidery thread and a BLANK name tag with a space for the maker to make him or herself known! And of course instructions because I find they come in handy sometimes!



These kits are part of my 'make less blinkies' campaign. They'll be $20 each, blinkies will be $35 each this week, and next week they will go up to $40 each, so it's all part of the restructuring I'm attempting... I just can't keep it up, and if I'm honest about the time I spend on each one, $40 is still quite reasonable. Fingers crossed that it all goes to plan...

I'm hoping this nice in between Autumn weather keeps it up over the weekend!



Caroline said...

You are going great guns Rebecca - everything is looking divine and I think all your prices are very reasonable. Good luck with it all!

Emjie said...

Wow! That first paragraph blew my mind. It is amazing that some people think nothing of using offshore sweatshops. Are they kidding? Sadly, not.
By the way, your dolls are cute as.

anna said...

Such a wonderful blog! Must link, and come back often :)

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

The kits are such a great idea! Love those sweet little Blinkie faces!

Michelle said...

Love the stamp!!! Your kits are a great idea and VERY resonably priced.