Wednesday, April 21, 2010

seven things:

I just won a blog award from Kim, and part of the deal is that you tell everyone 7 things about yourself, and pass it on... so here goes!

1. I'm 29 and I'm just learning to drive. I have had my L's twice before now and let them expire, and had them a year before I decided to start taking lessons this time. And I only 'decided' to start lessons because of an intense and prolonged campaign by my grandmother which involved emotional and financial blackmail. She got her license at 69 after my grandfather told her her whole life that she wasn't allowed to drive.

Vintage Illustration - Maureen O'Hara

2. I don't really have a hometown. I lived here in Wollongong until I was 14, then 4 years in the country, and Sydney for 8 years, and then here again. And although Wollongong definitely is mathematically my hometown, I moved away at a really pivotal age, and I don't feel very attached to it, or to anywhere. Don't feel bad for me, I think its all a good thing.

3. I pay a lot of attention to politics. I watch the SBS news, then switch over to the ABC news at 7pm, then I watch the 7:30 Report, I always watch Media Watch, I had to ween myself off Lateline because it's on so late, and it usually just regurgitates the 7:30 Report except for the interview. And I periodically check news websites throughout the day. I watch complete election coverage from start to finish. And I follow American politics too, I cried when Obama was elected, and I have a poster of him in my loungeroom.

4. I go on food benders all the time, always based on my mantra of more water vegetables. At the moment I'm on a fibre kick, and will be making a huge pot of homemade baked beans this afternoon.

5. I can be quite disciplined with sweet foods until something goes wrong, or until I have to do something by a deadline. I can go a whole week with a chocolate bar in the fridge, but if I need to fill out complicated paperwork or write a submission, I've chowed down that chocolate before I've even thought about it... seriously!

6. I'm very bad at keeping my sewing mess contained, I'm sure you all think 'me too', but let me assure you, I'm far, far worse than you could possibly imagine. Part of the charm of my ever evolving softies is that they are all slightly different, which has more to do with me constantly loosing/misplacing the original pattern pieces than anything conscious or considered...

7. I watch The Bold and the Beautiful everyday if I can. I love it, it's so wrong, but oh so right. And Bill Spencer is definitely my fave character at the moment, and not because I think he's hott-- just because he's sticking it to that spoilt cry-baby, Ridge!


Now to pass it on, I choose Virginia, Stacy, Torunn, Mitsy & Nicky, so please go read their blogs!



CurlyPops said...

Hee hee your 7 things are fabulous!
I only got my P's at 21 because my L's were about to expire. I don't have a hometown either - I've moved towns 11 times.... and I have The Bold and the Beautiful set up with series link on IQ to tape each and every day. I think Ridge is a sookly little weasel at the moment!

martha brown said...

I'm 44 and I don't have my drivers license (I live in toronto -- I don't need it) but my grandmother campaigned for years for me to get it. She gave me money to take lessons! She didn't drive either -- and saw driving as being independent. I see it oppositely. I don't want to be depending on a car. I walk, ride my bike, take transit......trains, buses.... The only time it ever becomes and issue is if I want to visit people in the country.... or by the ocean....