Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Monday!

lovely hexagons

1. Hexagon, 2. Something Pretty, 3. Morning Dew, 4. sakura 3, 5. backlit spun frame red ps, 6. bee and honeycomb, 7. Naranjas / Argentina, 8. man v nature, 9. patterned "spread" hex tile fold

I'm feeling good this morning, I have no idea why, I didn't do either Glebe or Bondi on the weekend due to the terrible weather-- although both markets went ahead anyway (market organisers are only selling stall space, so they'll take your cash no matter what the weather is like!).

Instead I went and saw the new Monsterthreads shop in Paddington, and stocked it up with all kinds of dolls and toys, it is overflowing with nearly 3 boxes of my stuff, as well as their cool shirts and some other very lovely handmade items from around Sydney. I like Paddington, I look at all those lovely 3 story terrace houses and the leafiness working alongside all the urbaness, and I start to think of ways to raise copious amounts of cash just so I can afford to rent a place with more than one room. It's so out of my reach though... the queues of people lining up for house inspections, the extra money that gets offered, pushing the rents up higher and higher, the pokey spaces, the shabby bathrooms... but I do miss living in Sydney!

I also got to roam around Newtown, and to visit friends, and to keep looking up at that grey old sky and feel good about not being stuck at the markets without customers whilst everything I owned got really, really wet. It was a strange day, and I was in bed by 9pm, but I woke up this morning to see so many sketches next to my bed, pages and pages and pages of them. Some cute, some pretty, and some slightly sacrilegious! Now I just need to clean up my loungeroom and plan how on earth I'm going to make all of these drawings into something...


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