Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a sneak peak:

I've been sewing quite madly here for a full two weeks now, and I think I'm almost done. Amongst the mass of new dolls piling up in boxes, and on my lounge are these babushkas which I am really happy with, they have been made from scraps and scraps alone!

babushkas for finders keepers

The reason I'm so happy with them is that the first 5 or so that I started remain unfinished, I just couldn't get into the right babushka making mood, and the fabrics didn't work together so well. But after realigning my zen with walking and running, watching lots of Moving Wallpaper & Echo Beach (new fave tv shows), and perseverance I managed to pull it off-- thank goodness!

And the next peak is at this newish little critter, who is similar to my Spring Lamb, but about one tenth of the size! This little fella is smaller than a blinky, so I'm calling him and his siblings Little Lambs-- they are perfect baby sized friends! And they make me smile when I look at them...

little lamb

I hope these pictures entice you to come to Finders Keepers if you can! I'm just hoping that I get a good look at all the other stalls... *fingers crossed*. The info about getting there can be found here-- please don't drive, parking is difficult, and it's really close to Redfern & Macdonaldtown Stations, and from Newtown itself. The stall map is here too, I'm in the foyer area right near the bar, and opposite Made 590.

Well I'd love to stay a while, but back to the grind I must go!



woolhug said...

Hi Rebecca,
Hope you will have a successful Finders keepers days!
I will be there to see you.
All the best for you!
Ako xxx

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

The babushkas look so good, and very cool that they're made of scraps. And the lambs--adorable and snuggly!

isis said...

those babushkas turned out great! can't believe they are entirely scraps :)

beck said...

Your work is so beautiful and I love that you are working with scraps, this makes them even more special. It's funny how you can get in a space that constricts you, I know that feeling. But how wonderful to have the key that releases you too, good on you. Hope you sell lots and have fun xo

anna said...

Beautiful work! What a joy it must be to sew and sew!

allison said...

these are so adorable!