Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where have all the patterns gone?


Some of you have noticed that during my latest shop update I removed my PDF patterns for sale, and you want to know why. Well. I'm just sort of over those old designs, and whilst I'll continue making my own blinkies and dew drops for sale, I'm interested in making more elaborate and evolved versions. I'm in the middle of planning some lovely new PDF patterns which I think will be just as loved and popular as the old ones... I think having those old designs about is holding my creative energies back a little. I've also stopped selling through Etsy for now, everything is available in my Big Cartel Shop. For me, it is much easier to deal in Australian dollars, especially since the value of our dollar against the US has been really moving around as of late.

And for those of you busting to make softies, the free patterns are still there in my sidebar, and they aren't going anywhere! I promise.


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clare's craftroom said...

I have done the same thing , phasing out or revamping patterns . A fresh start is what I needed . All the best with your new ones , I look forward to seeing them .