Monday, July 12, 2010

Stop motion at the Finders Keepers

I've been meaning to show this video for a little while, it's a stop motion animation  of the Finders Keepers back in May, and it's pretty awesome. It also happens to show my stall perfectly!

The Finders Keepers - Making It Happen from kodamapixel on Vimeo.

If you take your eye to the big vertical finders keepers sign in the middle, move it left and look at the table on the corner with the doll bunting-- that's me, right near the red doors and 2 big polls! It's so cool to see all the hard work condensed into just a couple of minutes.


P.S. I am the girl in the black and white striped top!


gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Very cool. I love the slow build-up to all the crazy busy-ness!

Ako Lamble said...

That's fantastic! Love it said 5 1/2 hours sleep haha!

Kelly said...

Love stop motion!
Were you wearing a stripey shirt - or someone at your table? I think I was looking at the right one. Very cool!