Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little bit famous...


This last week has been much, much better than the week before... I actually got some stuff done, including a nice big batch of screen-printed Anne-Sophie dolls which I took up to the Monsterthreads Shop in Newtown, and have just listed in my online shop. I also managed some dew drops, some meekoos-- the first few in a very long time! and of course some blinkies. And the new Monsterthreads Shop in Melbourne is opening as we speak, it's in Collins Street, and they have some of my pandas, alpacas, bunnies, sheep and a large batch of blinkies as well.

I was also lucky enough to be mentioned in the current edition of Inside Out Magazine, well, Anne-Sophie was mentioned, and pictured, and amongst the likes of some other very cute cushion dolls such as kitty by Lisa Max, and Louise by Thomaspaul. Woo hoo for me, I mean for Anne-Sophie!



Virginia said...

Go you!
Sounds like a very productive week. And I think you've probably needed one, given the tone of your blog recently.

Selina said...

That is great news!

Abby said...

Hi there,
Just popping by to let you know that I have made dewdrop #2... still totally loving your gorgeous pattern this time I added a little tutu to your cutie pie. I hope to blog it later this week and flicker it tonight :) Also have a snuggle bug cut out ready to sew for my cutie
thanx again for sharing these rocking patterns :)

melissa bombardiere said...

i did see her in my insideout - whoa thats exciting!!