Saturday, November 27, 2010

a shop update!!

Finally, finally, finally I put some things in my shop! This feels like a big accomplishment after having let it sit empty for such a long time. Of course I had the best of intentions, but no energy for the photos and description writing and the like. I've only added the blinkies so far, and I will be adding some Dew Drop Girls within the next week- I only have 2 of them, and hopefully some other bits and pieces like the baby blinkies.


Little Edwin was snapped up almost immediately as I did the update yesterday, but I wanted to show him off because he's the blinky that Riyo made the stamp of (last post), and I think he's pretty darn cute. If you join my facebook page, you'll know about shop updates and the like much quicker than via the blog by the way!


I've used Etsy because I can use Australian currency now and it has more reach, however if you're nervous or haven't joined up, email me and I can set up a transaction in my big cartel shop.


For now, I'm feeling a huge sense of relief that I won't be doing any markets anymore for a long time, the stress, the repetitiveness, and the fact that I feel like I weigh about a million tones mean that I get to sit around the house and chill for a little bit instead of driving myself, and Joe mad! And it means I get to make my nieces the toys from the Softies books that they've been wanting for a very long time, I have made 'Little Pup' by My Little Mochi, I'm about to attempt to remake her Kangaroo after I completely messed up the pouch and the nose on the one I made yesterday, and I need to make the 'Patchwork Horse' by While She Naps, which is making me a little nervous-- because I love her aesthetic, but I'm not sure I can pull it off... I guess we'll see!

Happy Weekend!



bellatheowl said...

I awarded you the One Lovely Blog award!
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Anna said...

Oh your dolls are so cute! I'm in Love with Betsy.