Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Busy!

rabbit case and kokeshi doll rattle

burp rags!

baby bib!

baby dress

I'm not good at sitting still at the best of times, and I'm starting to get pretty excited about the baby, so I think that's what all the sewing is about, and this isn't everything... I do need to stop and sort her room out though because it is a mess- everything has been placed in there and left for arranging at a later date!

The pencilcase is for someone else, but you can get the pattern here. And the kokeshi doll is from 'Simple Softies' which is by the same people as 'Softies', but it's all completely kid friendly and hand sewing, and I made her up in a couple of hours- and added a rattle! And the burp cloths and bandana are from the Aranzi Aronzo book I'm loving at the moment.

a pink kangaroo

And I've been doing the Christmas sewing that I promised some little people in my life that I would do, I just need to attach some legs to a certain patchwork horse and I'm all done. I'm really happy with how well this kangaroo turned out, but it was my second attempt- the first one just didn't look right. She is from the Softies book too, and the pattern is by My Little Mochi, and the joey is harder than it looks!!

And I'm going to draw the winner to my giveaway tomorrow night- and yes twitter entries count! :)



Gret said...

Absolutely gorgeous. All of it, but my favourite is that little dress and the pink kangaroo! My 2 year old would be in love.

Abby said...

OH!! Loving everything in this post...well done :)

Virginia said...

Ah, nesting. :) It was the one and only time in my life that I was even remotely domestically oriented.
Love the stuff in your post. So cute!

gretchen/juneatnoon said...

Wow, wow, wow! You *have* been busy, and so many adorable things. You've got one lucky little girl on the way.

Lucinda said...

Oh they are all so beautiful - love, love, love the dress - you little lady will look so cute in that.