Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A bit more from Elka's room:

Well, I have been busy! Busier than I ever thought possible, and I have no idea whether much blogging will be happening in the near future, but while I have a few spare moments, I wanted to share these 2 pictures from Kil Sook with you all, they are hanging on Elka's wall and they make it all come together and look so nice...

There has always been a special branch on our family tree just for you.

The very best night light.

And while I'm talking pretty pictures, I thought I'd add in this one extra one for good measure!

I like you.



miss aine said...

Having a new baby can turn your world upside down! But I found once I got into my stride and had a routine in place I could sit at the sewing machine while my daughter lay in her moses basket beside me.
Just should have done a lot more sewing before she got started moving around herself, 'cause after that its really hard to get anything done!
Good luck, and enjoy your lovely baby.

june at noon said...

They're really cute! She's a lucky little girl.

lauren carney said...

oh lovely one!
your crazy amazing illustrations are just darling!
keep up the good work!
x x x