Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wow! And today Elka/Elks/Emae/Little E is 11 months old! The sun is out, Daddy is on holidays, and I have some time. I've actually had a lot of time to myself over the last few weeks and I'm sooo thoroughly thankful that Joe gets 5 and a half weeks of holidays over summer, the pace of things has slowed right down.

handprinted fabric swap

mobile pieces

coffee cup coasters

felt flowers

E's room


paint sample chart quilting


11 months!

- the fabrics I received from the fabric swap- in order they are from Madeleine, Lisa, Cassie and Suzie
- the felt mobile I made while still pregnant that needed to be rehung
- coasters I made after a pinterest burst of inspiration
- felt flower hair clips made from Purl Bee tutorial
- E's room- complete with the first thing I've made from an Ottobre pattern! :)
- embracing renting and blu-tack by filling up the walls
- patchwork the easy way- paint charts + blu-tack
- finally finished the cushions covers I started so many months ago! although it looks like a Fisher Price show room...
- my little E, 11 months and cheeky as ever!

Happy New Year!


june at noon said...

What a sweet little one, and a great looking space! We have that little plastic vacuum cleaner--or, I should say we used to. After it made me totally crazy, I passed it on to my sister. ;)

gret said...

What a gorgeous little room! I'm just starting to get things together in the room for our newest babe. How did you find the ottobte pattern? I have a few editions here but am yet to make anything.

Lasso the Moon said...

The room is wonderful! And so is everything you've been working on. Quite a collection of projects!

Caroline said...

Love your coasters, such a great idea.