Sunday, March 25, 2012

And a little pup...

a blue pup
I've almost made it to the end of the baby Birthday present making season, with a little pup from the good old Softies book. I used an old blanket that used to live in the back of Joe's car when we first met- it took several years to convince him that the tattered old thing would look much better in toy form, and I think it does.

And in going through some fabrics to make a small batch of winter dew drop girls, I had a dilemma, now that I'm sewing again, I keep putting the nicest fabrics aside for clothes for Elka... I love the dolls, but winter is coming and I've barely bought or made her anything because she is so tiny and I wasn't sure if she'd have a growth spurt, I want her to have all the nicest bits, poor dolls.


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Yana said...

aww, he is very cute!!! i know what you mean about fabrics.. i'm like that too, wanting to keep all the nice ones for miss m.. maybe you just need to start sewing her some lovely things and use up all the fabric:)