Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Kits

I was sorting through some bits and pieces on my desk a while back and found some almost finished Blinky Kits filed away in a magazine rack. They had been sitting there since before Elka was born! She is almost 2! I also found all of the supplies required to make more kits, including 3 different types of paper, embroidery thread, plastic bags and little sticky dots to attach a small sample piece of fabric to the front of each kit... It seemed like too good an opportunity not make some more up in time for Christmas. It's not often that things are so easily accessible around here...

So, I finished up the three almost done, and made another 10, and took them down to Emma-Lee's shop all ready for Christmas presents. They are $20 each, and they are half boyish/unisex fabrics, and half girly fabrics. and I'm in the midst of making another 10, and hoping to put 5 in my Etsy Shop soon, so stay tuned... or email me if you NEED them sooner than later, because things happen around here, things that prevent other things from getting done... But fingers crossed!

blinky kits

blinky kits

Hope you're making headway with Christmas on the horizon!

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