Friday, March 27, 2009

Already neglecting my blog! Oh dear...

Well, I've only been doing this for a little while, and I've already neglected it. In a way, I guess that's kind of my style, short attention span, best of intentions, easily distracted, two million other things going on in my life! Which some may say is not true at all, (the stuff going on in my life part, everyone else would definitely agree with the other bits), but I HAVE had heaps happening. I just finished my teaching course, so I am a teacher, but despite the constant whining by the government about teacher shortages, no one gave me a job when I finished, which is really alright with me, since I want to be a casual/substitute teacher anyway... but it's a very bad time of the year for that, everyone is fighting fit after the summer break, and only the well established casuals are getting work. Since I spent all last year studying, I have no savings, so I get to beg the government for $$, and apart from being reasonably degrading and full of all kinds of red-tape and non-sensical bureaucracy, it means they own my time. I have to be doing all I can to find work, however, I am over-qualified for most ordinary jobs... and I am too old (28) to work the kinds of crappy shop jobs I worked throughout my undergrad degree... so I'm busy, but it's all just paying lip service... because I know that teaching work will pick up next term, which is quite soon... oh the fascinating story of my life!

So the thing I've been toying with is the idea of starting my own business, which this agency I have deal with thanks to the government, seem really enthusiastic about. Since I have a creative arts degree, well 'Visual Communication', majoring in photography and imaging, I've got some pretty good skills, and since I spend every spare minute sewing something or other, I'm thinking this could be a great idea. Knowing my luck, I'll start it and teaching will take over my life, and I won't notice, and the business will fall to the wayside... but anyway, that's been keeping me pretty busy for the past few days... Finally I feel motivated about something... but I can't post what I've been making yet, because I just woke up to overcast/rainy/miserable weather, so I'm going to have to wait for a bit more sun before that happens, but I'm quite proud of what I came up with!


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