Friday, March 27, 2009


After reading all about all the gardening that is happening in the northern hemisphere right now, I found myself a little bummed out about the fact that we are at the beginning of autumn down here in Oz, and that soon, it will be winter... it will be cold, and that during all the chaos of my dip ed course last year, I forgot that spring was taking place, and I didn't plant a single thing. My herbs are kicking on, but I have no vegies to speak of, and I want them so much despite the fact I live in a tiny apartment with an even tinier balcony...

With all this in my head, I started fantasising about growing huge quantities of potatoes in tubs, and with the 'hard-rubbish collection' happening in my neighbourhood, I went on a bit of a bender... I found pots and tubs galore, a 10L watering can, and a heap of heshin sacks (I also found an old bathroom cabinet which is now storing a lot of my fabric... :) ).

And now I'm excited because two days ago MY PLANTS SPROUTED! Now I just need to wait and see if they'll last through autumn, and then winter... who knows, it doesn't get THAT cold here! Fingers crossed!

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