Monday, April 20, 2009

Just some more flickr delights...

Bert & Edie

Don't you just love-love-love these little ones?!? I know I do. Find them here, they're by Sara Carr, and if you have a look through her flickr photos, I think you'll be overwhelmed with cuteness and warmness.

sparkling rose water

Doesn't this look delicious? I think so, it's sparkling rose water. If you want see more lovely pictures along these lines, check out Megan Young's blog, called The Scent of Water... it's lovely.

lamb close up

And, look at this little cutie! It's from Elbooga who is on my blog list, and who I think I may have praised in the past, love, love, love what she does!

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Louise said...

thank you so much for the mention, you have a great little blog here :)