Sunday, April 19, 2009

My dream house, by the way!

shipping container house

I was reading Loobylu this afternoon and she had a great post about all the houses she's ever lived in, and it got that little brain of mine ticking. I went through a rather obsessive phase last year, where I spent hours upon hours upon hours on the net searching for shipping container houses, designs, pictures, plans, companies, prices for the containers and for transporting them around. I get very excited when ever I see one in real life- there are a bunch at an army reserve base around the corner, and I stand there and stare at them and imagine the dimensions inside... they probably think I'm planning something awful, but I'm planning something magical!

In fact, I grew up in a tiny rented house in a very working class suburb, and I spent my whole childhood dreaming about fancy houses, the only thing I needed to occupy myself was a pencil, ruler and some grid paper! If you gave me some drawn up house plans, I was in heaven, seriously!

These pics are from Architecture and Hygiene, which is a totally amazing, inspiring place! And this 12 container house is definitely my dreamiest-dream house.


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