Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why have I been soooooooooooooo busy?


Well, mostly I've been super busy doing my business plan! It's due on Thursday, and it's coming along quite well, at least it was until I got to the financial section, which I don't really understand, well, I understand finance stuff but not the spreadsheets I have to fill in... I'm going to get some help tomorrow from my 'trainer'. Eeeeeekkkkk...

I've also been busy cause I've sorted out my ETSY shop and Big Cartel shop... no stock yet, but very, very soon there will be PLENTY! That's the other thing I've been doing, making bugs, sitting around matching fabrics, ensuring that all the embroidered faces are cute, that the little hands sit in exactly the right place, and figuring out what to put in the bottom of them instead of rice... I have trekked around the Gong and the net, and come up with zilch, bought all kinds of strange things that didn't work, and decided in the end, that they don't need to stand up at all, they're little bug babies, and babies don't stand anyway! I'm not using any more rice because it's a food product and I'm worried that sending them overseas might result in bugs being ripped open by customs... I've heard some disastrous stories!

I've also been working on my Blinking Flights website, which is coming along quite well, and some nice little postcards and thank you notes for potential buyers. I have been pricing everything, and I mean everything, as well as getting seriously disappointed with the art store down here, I don't want to name names, but it is seriously lacking in so many ways, and making me miss my big city life, big time!

Also, note the apple crumble, I had my parents here on Thursday, so that took up considerable cleaning and cooking time, the result being a reasonably clean house! Yay!

Well, these new bugs are sitting here, waiting for me to photo them, but there isn't much light since it's bucketing down rain and has been most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better, although I do have a packed schedule... I'm going for my L's, I figure 28 is old enough!


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urban craft said...

Such cute stuff. I don't have a clue about understanding the financial stuff for selling.