Thursday, May 21, 2009

Facebook Giveaway Group

name me! and win me!
Wow! I'm really loving reading all these bug names and likes, and some of the dislikes are especially funny! Fake nails, wedge heel shoes, air conditioners! They're great... I would never have come up with them at all! I especially like the dislike 'people who are mean to kittens', being a serious cat lover myself!

So, thank you!
I have made up a facebook group which will alert people as to when I'm doing another giveaway, so if you're into comps and freebies (I am!), feel free to sign up! The link is here.

Today, I'm going up to Sydney to spend the night with with my Mum, my parents have rushed to Sydney because Dad needs some sort of surgery one of his eyes, or he could go blind in it... so that's pretty freaky, but nothing life-threatening!

I'll draw the winners tomorrow and let everyone know on the blog, and via whatever contact details were made available, your blog, email, facebook, whichever!

If you haven't already, please leave a comment under the post below and enter the comp!

Thanks again!


M* (Melanie) said...

dammit I missed out. What a goose I am! It can be hard during the week because I work and there's been a few problems with my internet explorer crashing on blogspot. Had a terrible time with the creative space exploring. I would love to join your facebook group and shall do right now. I am particpating in Giveaway day in May so make sure you pop by my blog if you are up for a new scarf. =)

Rebecca said...

Not to worry, I will be doing it again soon, and I was thinking I might join in on the May giveaway day if I can come up with a exciting new prize, am definitely up for a new scarf... they're so 'my thing'... can never have tooo many!

mjb said...

Your dolls are really cute- I hope you have a lot of success with your shop.